Emergency Alarm / Pool Alarm System


With this simple and effective wireless alarm system you can attend emergency or non-emergency situations discreetly.

Wireless Pool Alarm Unit & Waterproof Pager

A range of waterproof units and pagers are available to suit your needs at affordable prices.

Self-monitoring system - low battery & fault warnings displayed on the panel.

The system is ideal for use in swimming pools, leisure centres, gyms, sports halls, studios, toilets etc to provide a complete wireless alarm solution.


For more information please contact us.


Wireless alarm units - battery powered

Waterproof pagers - alarms relayed direct to staff for rapid response

Fully monitored and expandable system

2 levels or 1 level of alarm (Assistance & Emergency or Emergency only)

Quick & easy installation with minimum disruption

Various coloured units available (conditions apply)


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