Nurse Call Points

There are various Nurse Call Points available based on the design of the standard Staff Call Point with the same functions:

Staff Call Point

Nurse Call - Staff Call Point


1. Yellow 'Staff-to-Staff' Button
2. Red 'Emergency' Button
3. Activation LED with Comfort Tone
4. Green 'Reset' Button
5. Infra Red Sensor

Call Points are battery operated and come complete with a Wall Bracket to secure the unit to the wall. Each Call Point will periodically 'check in' with the Nurse Call system, transmitting details of it's battery life and functionality.

The Nurse Call system is self supervising and will monitor all of the radio transmitters/call points within the system. Alerting staff if an issue arises, therefore allowing staff to carry on their daily duties.

The locking tab at the bottom of the bracket enables the unit to be moved if required. (e.g. if a Service User is sitting in their chair, the Call Point can be moved nearer to them rather than running long leads across the floor)

Alternatively an Infra Red fob can be used to remotely activate the Call Point.

When not in use the Call Point is simply slotted back onto the Wall Bracket to keep it secure and stop it from getting lost or damaged.

Nurse Call Point Bracket


Click on the images below for further information on the various Call Point types

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