Staff Pagers can be interfaced with the ARM Nurse Call and Staff Alarm systems to provide Call/Alarm information directly to staff to ensure prompt response.

Zoning Messages:
Pagers can be zoned into teams/groups, enabling certain Call/Alarm messages to be sent to certain staff members.

Selectable character height (3mm or 6mm)
Alert Modes: Vibrate, Tone, Quiet
Real Time Clock with Alarm
Low Battery indicator
Out of Range (no service) indicator
Address & Frequency hand programmable

Pager with rubber boot & splash proof perspex screen provides an extra degree of protection Wall Mounted Pager Display:
Simply plugs into mains socket
Rechargeable Pager with charging stand



- Rubber Boot enclosure
with perspex cover
- Belt Clip
- Pager Rack
- Lanyard



Maintenance Pagers can also be incorporated into the system to provide any fault messages directly to Maintenance Staff.  Any faults arising can then be investigated without relying on staff reporting these problems.

Maintenance Pagers would not show the day-to-day Calls/Alarm messages as they would not be required.


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