Control Panel Specification

System Size

  Up to 64 panels and 3,000 sensors per system



RS232 port to paging system. Selectable Dect or paging protocols
RS232 port to system printer
RS232 port to computer interface
2 x programmable fully monitored outputs (12vdc)
2 x programmable auxiliary relays (24vdc, 1amp)


  2 x programmable hardwired alarm inputs (volt free)



2 x 20 character LCD with back-light giving plain english text messages


Event Log

  2 x 500 events maximum  



Mains: 240v 50Hz 75VA maximum or equivalent
Battery: 12v internal re-chargeable giving upto 12 hours standby




173.225 MHz    868.300 MHz    953 MHz

  • Factory set unique unit identities
  • Fully supervised system monitoring
  • Conforms to EN50131 & PD6662
  • Effective radiated power: 10mW intergral aerial, approved to ETSI EN 300 220-1 & EN 300 220-2 (license exempt)

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