Staff Alarm System

The system consists of a number of fully monitored Dual-Tech Ceiling or Wall mounted location units. These location units contain both Infra-Red receivers for localised receipt of signals and a Radio transmitter to communicate information back to the System.

Staff carry a Personal Alarm unit ranging from a simple Infra Red fob to a fully monitored Dual-Tech BeltClip unit.

click on above image for Staff Alarm units

  • Wall mounted units can also be incorporated into the system to provide fixed alarm points.
  • For Lone Workers a Man Down facility and Auto Dialler can also be incorporated into the system.
  • Various Staff Alarm units available from 'Dual-Tech', 'Infra-Red only' or 'Radio only' versions (there is no redundancy with 'infra-red only' or 'radio only' models).
  • Alarms and Locations are displays on the system displays, or can be relayed direct to staff Pagers/DECT handsets for a faster response.


Whether you need to protect a Lone Worker or a group of people within a work place, the ARM Staff Alarm system is an ideal solution for even the most demanding of situations.

  Click here to see an illustration of how the ARM Staff Alarm system works to protect your staff.

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