The Bosch Carephone enables people to carry on living within their own homes with the added security of being able to contact a relative for assistance if required.  The Carephone is also uselful for Independent Living apartments whereby the on site concierge can be contacted for assistance.

Red Emergency Call button – manually activate an alarm call by pressing the Red button on the Carephone.
GreyS” button – can be programmed as a Service button e.g. to dial meals on wheels/doctor.  The "S" button is also used to cancel an emergency call if activated by mistake and will light up to indicate a fault.
Yellow Activity Monitor button – the built in activity monitor ensures an emergency call is made automatically if the Yellow activity monitor button is not pressed within a preset period of time e.g. every 24hours or within a preset time window.
Green Sign-in/Sign-out Button - pressing the green sign in/sign out button tells the unit whether you are currently home or not.
Emergency Calls will override the system and can be made at any time whether you are signed in or out.
Radio pendant
The RF pendant triggers an alarm in the house at the push of a button. The alarm signal is transmitted by radio to the Carephone and relayed from there to an emergency call recipient via the phone line.
Radio pendant with 3 wearing modes – watch, clip or pendant (incl. adjustable cord)
Light on pendant illuminates when button is pressed to show alarm triggered

IP67 radio pendant - can be worn in the shower/bath

- Illuminated buttons
- Programmable service button
- Voice-guided operation and programming  
- Integrated hands-free feature
- Configurable pre-alarm
- Programming via integrated programming keypad
- 10 call numbers can be saved
- Max. number of wireless transmitters = 10
- Memory back up battery
- Automatic phone line monitoring
- Radio pendant with automatic battery monitoring
- Configurable time window for the activity monitor
Other wireless transmitters available for use with the Bosch Carephone, some examples are:  
Motion detector can be programmed so that the activity monitor on the Carephone is automatically reset if the person requiring assistance moves. Motion Detector can be used as part of a an intrusion alarm system.  
Contact detector
can be used to secure doors and windows. In addition, it has an input to which other sensors, e.g. gas and water detectors, can be connected. 
Smoke detector if a fire breaks out, a loud warning tone sounds; at the same time, the smoke detector triggers an alarm to a previously defined emergency call recipient, as every second counts in the event of a blaze.  
Pull cord for use in bathrooms and bedrooms.  
Waterproof tile as an alternative to the pull cord, a wireless tile can also be used. It can be fitted to the wall and is waterproof  

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