Max No. of Zones:   8 & 20 zone systems
Max No. of Devices:   240 per system
Max No.of Radio Control/Booster Units:   15 per system
Alarm Indicators:   Twin flashing Red LEDs
Red individual Zone indication
Fire message on LCD with 60 scrolling characters of
location text
Fault Indicators:   Amber LEDs & LCD providing details and location of fault with 60 charcters of scrolling text
Event Log:   255 events
Supply:   Mains: 230V 50Hz 0.3A max
Battery: 1 x 12v 3.0Ah sealed lead acid (giving 48 hour standby)
Battery: 1 x 12v 7.0Ah sealed lead acid (giving 72 hour standby)
No. of Relays (Programmable):   2
Options:   Fire - 1A changeover contacts
Fault - 1A changeover Fail Safe contacts
12v Sounder Circuit (500mA)
Monitored Inputs:   2 x Wired monitored circuit
(4k7 ohm end of line resistor monitored for open & short circuit, 470 ohm alarm load)
Operating Frequency:   868 MHz
Modulation:   NBFM
Output Power (ERP):   10mW
Operational Temperature:   0 to +60C
Applicable Standards & Approvals    
European Fire Alarm:
British Standards:
EMC Standards:
Electrical Safety:
  EN54-2, 4 and 25
BS5839 Part 1
EN300 220
EN301 489-3

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