with monitored Input Socket

Call Point with Pear Push Lead Pear Push Lead Double Adaptor Pressure Mat PIR Fall Sensor Enursis Sensor Epilepsy Sensor
Spec Value
Width 99mm
Height 100mm
Depth (inc bracket) 38mm

Call Points with a monitored Jack Input Socket make a nurse call system easily expandable with Adaptive/Assistive Technology. Virtually any switching device or sensor can be plugged into this Call Point to enable a means of activating it. (connector may need modification)

Examples of Switching/Sensor devices:


• Pear Push Lead
• Pressure Mats (floor, chair or bed)
• PIR movement sensor
• Enurisis sensor
• Epilepsy sensor
• Large Disc Buttons
• Head Tilt switch
• Noise sensor
• Bed sensor
• Fall Sensor

This Call Point comes complete with Wall Bracket, 2m Pear Push Lead and Wall Tidy Holster for the lead. An optional Double Adapter enables you to connect two devices to the same unit simultaneously (e.g. Pear Push Lead and Fall Sensor).

The Call Point has a built in Infra Red sensor to enable remote activation from a Infra Red trigger device, click for details

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