with Pull Cord

Call Point with Pull Cord
Spec Value
Width 99mm
Height 100mm
Depth (inc bracket) 38mm

Call Points with an integral Pull Cord protruding from the bottom of the unit are useful for locating next to Toilets or Communal Areas.

The Pull Cord rests just above floor level in case a Service User falls, they can still use the Pull Cord to call for assistance.

A remote Ceiling Pull Cord switch can be connected to the Call Point to extend the capability of the Call Point. This is available in either an Infra Red version or a hard-wired version.

The remote Ceiling Pull switch is particularly useful in a bath/shower room. Instead of two Call Points, just install one Call Point next to the toilet and a remote Ceiling Pull Switch in the bath/shower wet area.

The Pull Cord Call Point comes complete with Wall Bracket and has a built in Infra Red sensor to enable remote activation from an Infra Red trigger device.

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