HTM Nurse Call:

With the introduction of ARM’s new HTM compliant wireless Nurse Call units incorporating antimicrobial protection, radio Nurse Call systems can now be confidently deployed into hospitals.

Traditionally the failure of an old hardwired Nursecall system has meant lengthy delays and expensive closures of hospital wards while replacement cables are run.  Now with the new HTM compliant wireless Nurse Call units from ARM, a new/replacement system can be easily installed with the minimum of disruption and cost.

Different Call Points are available to suit any environment; and are designed to meet the standards required by the Health Department. Whether it’s a Patient Call Point with Red Emergency Pull Switch for use in a general ward or the Cardiac Call Point with Blue Cardiac Pull Switch created for intensive care departments.

The Patient Handset itself is sealed to IP67 rating, and can be easily cleaned to reduce cross infection risks between patients, either by using alcohol wipes or dipping in a disinfectant solution. The Patient Handset is equipped with both a Call Reassurance LED, and a light sensitive backlight, which automatically illuminates during low light levels ensuring a patient can always locate the handset in the dark. There is also a version of the Patient Handset with an integral light switch, with the option for the Call Point to be powered from the mains supply if required.

  • Radio systems offer unlimited flexibility to modify and extend a system.
  • Installation is quick with minimal dust & disruption to the ward.
  • The radio Call Points are supervised and monitored by the Control Panel.
  • Call Point low battery monitoring via control panel
  • Dementia Care & Assistive Technology devices can easily be added to the system (e.g. fall sensors, door monitoring, pressure mat, head tilt switch, enuresis sensor)

Technical Specification:

o   HTM 08-03 compliant
o   Appropriate “pull to activate”  Emergency or Cardiac switches
o   Reassurance LED’s and comfort sounder
o   Dual tone wireless over door lights triggered locally by call unit
o   Fully supervised system monitoring  & factory set unique identities

Click here to download a copy of the new radio HTM Nurse Call system flyer/datasheet.

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